Ocean Approved is dedicated to bringing chefs the freshest, healthiest and most delicious seaweed on the market to help them grow their business and satisfy diner's modern appetites. Grown and harvested on our farms, and fresh frozen, our domestic alternative to dried or reconstituted seaweed is safe, readily available and easy to use.

Flatbread has been super stoked to be serving a product that is sustainable and domestic, and the bonus is our customers and chefs love it.
— Bobby Morgan, Flatbread Corporation

Ocean Approved products are right in line with what we and other institutions are looking for- sustainable, highly nutritious, and locally produced. Our Doctors and staff love their kelp.
— George Dimond, Sous Chef, Mercy Hospital
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Knowing that Ocean Approved farms its kelp, I really appreciate that Bowdoin supports such a sustainable harvest by serving it in our dining hall. I much prefer it over imported seaweeds for its fresh taste and great texture.
— Ian Kline, Senior at Bowdoin College
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