Our Story & How We Farm

Our Story and How We Farm

Having personally seen the changes to the ocean and experienced the fallout of failed fisheries in Maine, we are committed to leaving a better legacy for our children. When we are on the water, we only employ practices of which the “ocean would approve”.

From our start in 2006, we knew that if we were successful in creating products that chefs and consumers appreciated, we would need to learn how to farm kelp, and  teach others to farm so that we would have enough kelp to supply our markets.

By farming kelp we sustainably create a highly nutritious vegetable without using arable farm land, fresh water, pesticides, or fertilizers. In 2009, we began R&D that would provide us the knowledge to create kelp sporelings in our nursery and then transfer them to open ocean farms. Through much trial and error, and generous help along the way, we figured it out. From that effort we were able to create and distribute our manual on how to farm kelp. Others are now using this manual to learn how to farm.

Today we harvest kelp not only from our own farms, but farms of 9 other fisherman along our coast. We produce our fresh frozen products in our new 8,000 sqft. state of the art facility located here in Maine. 100% of our production is from sustainably farmed kelp. Our products are served coast to coast in restaurants, smoothie shops, schools and universities, and hospitals.

Kelp farming produces a food that is healthy for us, healthy for the environment, and healthy for our coastal communities.

If you are interested in farming high quality kelp in the Gulf of Maine, we are interested in, we are interested in purchasing you harvest. Please contact us.