Seaweed Salad

Maine's Own Seaweed Salad ™

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We offer the domestic alternative to imported seaweed salads, ensuring that you and your customers enjoy the highest quality and safest seaweed on the market.

Made with Maine kelp, carrots, honey, ginger, sesame oil, sesame seeds, and spices, Maine's own Seaweed Salad is 100% natural.

Maine's Own Seaweed Salad™ is free of food coloring, MSG, and preservatives and Ocean Approved tests its kelp for radiation and heavy metals.

Ocean Approved products are right in line with what we and other institutions are looking for- sustainable, highly nutritious, and locally produced. Our Doctors and staff love their kelp.
— George Dimond, Sous Chef, Mercy Hospital

Maine's Own Seaweed Salad™ is gluten free, paleo-friendly, vegetarian, macro-friendly, free of food coloring, MSG and preservatives.

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To place a wholesale order, please contact Francis Tighe: // 207-423-4378 or Anna Deluca:  // 207-460-5101.

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