Our Kelp

From appetizers to desserts, the super-food brings new life to your menu. Ocean Approved Kelp will become your secret ingredient in menu items from omelets to carrot cake and everything in between.

Italian Salsa Verde with Kelp: Served on Grilled Sirloin

Italian Salsa Verde with Kelp: Served on Grilled Sirloin

Many consumers are surprised how delicious and mild Ocean Approved products are. Compared to dried or reconstituted seaweed, there’s just a hint of ocean in our kelp. This makes our kelp the go to ingredient when chefs are looking to up-scale their dishes.

Product Information
Our proprietary process ensures consistency of cut, texture, appearance and flavor. Plus you’ll never find dyes or additives in Ocean Approved products.

 Our ingredient lists says it all: Kelp.

A little goes a long way.  ¼ ounce or less can add a creative and healthy flare to your menu.

Easy to Use
Our products are vibrant green, mild in flavor and ready to serve right out of the package. We cut, blanch and then freeze our fresh kelp. You only need to thaw, drain, and serve- or add to a hot dish at the end of cooking prior to serving. Our 1lb frozen pouches are quick to thaw and just the right size.

Nature designed Maine kelp to be the perfect frozen food. Its cellular composition allows it to freeze and thaw twice each day as the tide ebbs and flows. By eliminating the drying of kelp, we enhance its quality and facilitate its ease of use.