Meet our farmers


Our open-ocean kelp farms and those of the independent farmers who sell us their kelp are the first in the nation and allow you to provide your customers with a safe, local alternative to imported seaweeds.

Ocean Approved leverages a resilient working waterfront culture off the coast of Maine. By introducing a new winter crop to the fishing community, we’re committed to supporting that culture by providing high quality jobs in Maine. In addition to using kelp grown on our own farms, we rely on an ever increasing number of independent farmers along the coast. Each winter they grow high quality kelp that we purchase and use in the production of our products. To help farmers get started, we open source our research and experience in growing kelp. By clicking here, you can download a PDF of our Kelp Farming Manual. In addition to the information contained in our manual, several organizations have been introducing farmers to kelp farming. These organizations, The Island Institute, The Maine Aquaculture Association, and Maine Seagrant have been instrumental in developing this new sector of our fisheries. If you are interested in starting a farm, contact us or the organizations noted above. We are happy to help.

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Kelp farming occurs in the off-season for most lobstermen, from about November to April,” “Fishermen know the water, they have boats, and they are business minded,” said Clime. “Those qualities make them the perfect fit to start kelp farming, and with Ocean Approved’s manual and our educational resources, the barriers to entry are low.”
— Dick Clime, Project Developer for CEI’s Fisheries Program who, in partnership with Island Institute, has created a curriculum for lobstermen interested in aquaculture.