Kelp the Earth


Having personally seen the changes to the ocean and experienced the fallout of failed fisheries in Maine, we are committed to leaving a better legacy for our children. When we are on the water, we only employ practices of which the “ocean would approve”.

Kelp farming produces a food that is healthy for us, healthy for the environment, and healthy for our coastal communities.

By farming kelp, we produce a highly nutritious food product without using: Fresh water, arable land, fertilizers, or pesticides. The only input is labor. The outputs are delicious nutritious products, jobs, and a healthier ocean.

Kelp is the Virtuous Vegetable. Help us and our independent farmers "Kelp the Earth "by eating Ocean Approved products.

Our research indicates that sugar kelp absorbs incredible amounts of carbon as it grows, creating a ‘halo’ of higher water quality around it.
— Nichole Price, a senior research scientist at the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science and the director of the lab’s Center for Seafood Security