Kelp Cubes

Maine's Own Kelp Cubes have a mild, fresh flavor. They are easy to use - simply add 1 cube per serving to your blender and puree with other ingredients. The cubes are designed with portion and cost control in mind.

Iodine in kelp can help support hormone balance, metabolic regulation and cardiovascular wellness. Ocean Approved uses farmed kelp from the clean waters of coastal Maine to provide premium nutritional and health benefits.

Maine's Own Kelp Cubes are available to sell at retail locations, and in bulk for wholesale purchase. Our kelp cubes are offered at popular smoothie chains across the country, including Austin, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Boston, Nantucket, Portland, Burlington, and more.

To place a wholesale order please contact Fran Tighe: // 207-423-4378


Supercharge your Smoothie with Maine's Own Kelp Cubes

Maine's Own Kelp Cubes

Maine's Own Kelp Cubes